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    Bodyscan meditations

    • Simple bodyscan with John

    • Simple Bodyscan with Gretta

    • Simple Bodyscan II with John

    • Deep Bodyscan with John

  • 3

    Breathing meditations

    • Watching or Feeling the Breath with Ann

    • Watching or Feeling the Breath with John

    • Counting the Breath with Ann

    • Counting the Breath with Graham

    • The Wave Breath with Graham

    • Nourishing Breath with Graham

    • Breathing the Whole Body with Graham

  • 4

    Kindness and more

    • Acceptance and Kindness - Gretta

    • Acceptance and Kindness - John

    • Kindness for Everyone and All Forms of Life with Graham

    • Kindness for Everyone and All Forms of Life with Gretta

    • Washing Mind and Body with John

    • HUMSAR mantra with John

    • Mind Stretching with Graham

  • 5

    Movement and Spots

    • Flying with John

    • Flying with Graham

    • Breathing the Ball with Amanda

    • Instant Calm Breath with Graham

    • Rocking with John

    • Bodyline with John

    • Contact points with John

    • Neck Massage with John

    • Sound with Ann

    • Smiling Breath with John

  • 6

    Loosening exercises

    • Loosening exercises with John

    • Loosening exercises with Amanda

    • Loosening exercises with Janine

    • Loosening exercises with Josh

  • 7


    • Bodyline with Graham

    • Standing on the Earth, Reaching into the Sky with Graham

    • Central Column Movement Meditation with Graham

    • Aligned and Connected with Graham

    • The Wave Breath (short) with Graham

    • Energy Centres with Graham

    • Earth and Sky with Graham

    • Circular Breathing with Graham

    • Instant Calm and Circular Breathing with Graham

    • Inner Heat with Graham

  • 8

    Music: Reflections in Water

    • Clair de Lune, Debussy

    • Study, Op. 25 No. 1, Chopin

    • Reflections in Water, Debussy

    • Homage to Rameau, Debussy

    • Movement, Debussy

    • Study for Arpeggios, Debussy

    • The Fountains of the Villa D'Est, Liszt

    • Pagodas, Debussy

    • Consolation, Liszt

  • 9

    Music: Sounds of Nature

    • Sounds of Nature

    • Prelude, Cello Suite No.1, Bach

    • Pavane for a Dead Princess, Ravel

    • A Closed World, Graeme Koehne

    • Prelude, Cello Suite No.2, Bach

    • Gongs of Tara Hills

  • 10

    Music: jazz and instrumental

    • All You Are

    • When

    • A Peaceful Night Will Come

    • A Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design

    • For Mike

    • Free to Fade

    • Selladore

  • 11

    Music: original works by Darcy Calllus

    • Moonlight – Darcy Callus

    • Starlight and Space – Darcy Callus

    • Sunlight – Darcy Callus

    • All You Have to Do

  • 12

    Music: Mother Goose Suite by Maurice Ravel

    • Pavane of Sleeping Beauty

    • Little Tom Thumb

    • Empress of the Pagodas

    • Conversation of Beauty and the Beast

    • The Fairy Garden